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My partner is working, so I'm by myself and Randy ( as always), I took a shower while soaping and my testicles and penis, I began to have an erection, my hands were thick and frothy foam covering and washing and around my ass hole just the tip of my finger slid into me (I never had any thought of doing something before anal, in fact, I always scored in the ass hole should be, directporntube ' the only way out is ! '). but this time it felt good, and then pushed the tip of my finger in my ass hole, and to my surprise, directporntube I felt good and my dick was rock hard. Even in the shower, my dick hard thick foam covered with one hand slowly stroking directporntube am, while very well with soap and water the other hand, I know that my index finger very well slip in and out of my ass and I am to really like, to my surprise directporntube ! I leave the shower and dry myself, but make sure my ass hole and my hands are well soaped and slippery. I go to the bedrooleaning over my bed to my ass in the air and this time by sliding your finger in the ass with a simple finger and grab my ass. Then I lie on my back in bed and masturbate my cock while finger fucking my ass, I do not understand, I could feel so much, my fingers glide in and with a few simple, and my ass seemed to have widened to accommodate the I am trying to put two fingers and slid into the well, my legs, so it could go, and I was fucking his ass at a rate of fast hard disk and my dick was not that hard, dude! has been in fact, I would let someone fuck me right directporntube with his tail and I wondered what would make someone feel hot cum in my ass. I was on the side of the bed and started masturbating my hard cock while still working a finger in my ass hole, cum, little by little I felt, I pushed a finger in my ass and put my hand on my cock and a lot of thick, hot, sticky, white milk shot in myAnd the fingers on the towel he had placed on the bed, without thinking, I leaned forward and pushed two fingers into my fresh sperm in my ass hole, God I felt good, I could feel the warmth of my cum in me and began to finger fuck my directporntube ass again, my fingers in and out even easier with my cum an excellent lubricant, I bent over I could get my fingers in my ass hole as deep as possible in my face in the towel , my mouth comeing right balance in the pool of semen, it was warm and wet on my lips I felt the tip of my tongue dipped in the semen, it tasted good, so I started to lick the semen, but always being the ass fucking with my two directporntube fingers, like right now I'm fucked by a hard cock ! I clean and I went to bed tired but happy guy, I had the best sleep I've had in a while you feel! This morning my ass a little tender (after all its fucked for the first time, the finger has been), but okay. myHahn is a little swollen, I masturbated him so hard that I 'm very funny. Surprisingly, I have a feeling sexual beautiful last night. There was just one of those spontaneous things that you and it was a good sexual experience, if something will happen again, ' go with the flow', either on their own, with my partner (she's around my ass hole before playing with your fingers, but never in), or with another person, who knows ? ?
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